About Us

Knowledge Hub Myanmar (KHM) is a US-registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit research institution dedicated to promoting peacebuilding, stability, and democracy in Myanmar and Southeast Asia. We focus on doing research and policy advocacy in areas prone to conflict.

Our Vision

To build sustainable peace in Myanmar through stability and democracy.

Our Mission

To promote democracy, peacebuilding, and stability for a thriving sustainable development.


We conduct empirical research along with peacebuilding initiative activities to support policy and advocacy on issues related to:


We promote sustainable peace by conducting inclusive research that accounts for a diversity of voices through listening to the different perspectives of the people of Myanmar while maintaining an impartial view with a deep understanding of the local context.


We seek to achieve long-lasting stability in Myanmar by empowering local community livelihoods and respecting varied cultural values that lead to socially cohesive communities.


We champion democracy by advocating for grass-root level, transformative democratization by engaging in discourse, dialogue, and the dissemination of knowledge for scholars, policy actors, non-governmental organization practitioners, and the people of Myanmar.